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Double Roller Blinds

Our new Double Roller Bracket supports installation of both a Blockout Roller and Sunscreen Roller. This option offers great flexibility throughout the day to night period, with the Sunscreen Rollers offering daytime privacy and glare control while the Blockout Rollers are ideal for full privacy, insulation and light control at night.

The Sunscreen Roller blinds are made from 30% polyester and 70% PVC. The Blockout Rollers are made from 100% Polyester. Both are resistant to UV and controlled by a Nylon loop chain. Cleaning of the rollers can be done with a damp cloth.

Important Note for Double Blinds: to accommodate an inside fit, there is a minimum rebate depth of 75mm required to attach the bracket into the rebate (60mm for bracket and 15mm behind the bracket for clearance). Note however that the window rebate depth should be at least 150mm to avoid the double bracket from protruding past the window frame edge and into the room.

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