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Measuring guide for a Ready Made Blind

Note: Blind sizes are always measured by the millimetre (mm)

Standard size blinds (mm)


The width listed online for our Standard Size blinds does not include the clearance required for installation. If you plan to install a standard size blind inside a frame (Inside Fit), please contact us for the clearance requirements.

Vertical and Roller Blind:

Standard sizes will be supplied with the width x drop as listed online, this width includes the required clearance for installation.

Cut to size blinds

Blinds “cut to size” will be supplied based on the measurements you supply. Please use the instructions below to measure your window and calculate your measurements.

Tools for measuring

  • Steel measuring tape
  • Pencil and paper

You will need to measure to the nearest centimetre (mm).

Please choose whether you want your blind(s) to fit INSIDE or OUTSIDE your window frame(s).

The accuracy of your measurements is essential for a correct and proper fit of your blinds. We cannot be accountable for inaccurate measurements, so if you have any doubts be sure to double check before placing your order. As a further safeguard, if you order online we will always phone you to confirm your sizes.

Blind Inside Fit measuring guide
Inside Fit

Blinds are more commonly fitted inside the window frame. Please use your tape to measure the width first and drop last. Measure tight, from wood to wood, inside the frame.

Important: Please ensure you give us your exact (tight) measurements as we will make the necessary deductions off these sizes to allow for the clearance required for installation brackets/fittings.

Important Note for Double Blinds: to accommodate an inside fit, there is a minimum rebate depth of 75mm required to attach the bracket (60mm for bracket and 15mm behind the bracket for clearance). Note however that the window rebate depth should be at least 150mm to avoid the double bracket from protruding past the window frame edge and into the room.

Tip: It’s a good idea to measure the width in three places, top, middle and at the bottom as sometimes there can be small variances. Please take the smallest of the three measurements.

Blind Outside Fit measuring guide
Outside Fit

An outside fit is useful when there isn’t enough space for the head rail to fit internally. Please measure to the outside of your architrave to achieve maximum light control and privacy. If you don’t have architraves we recommend adding 200mm to the window’s width measurement (100mm for each side) and a further 100mm to the drop measurement.

Note: As deductions for installation brackets/fittings are not necessary for an outside fit we make the blinds to the finished measurements that you supply us.

How to Measure or Install a Ready Made Blind – Videos:

Visit our FaceBook page to view our videos on how to Measure for and how to install a ready made blind, or use the links below

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