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1 Pair TEXTRAR Limoncello – 210cm wide x 220cm drop

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All Ready Made Textrar Curtains are Fully Lined with a 100% Polyester with acrylic backing. The lining creates another insulation layer and ensures a darker room. This hard-wearing lining fabric also prolongs the appearance and life of your curtains and protects them from harmful UV rays.

Add an Extendable Aluminium White Curtain Track

High quality extendable aluminium curtain tracks are available complete with glides, hooks, screws and brackets. The aluminium curtain track is corrosion resistant and the quality wheeled runners glide effortlessly along the track as the curtain is drawn. Fit width of 120cm to 210cm.

Included is 3 x brackets & 25 gliders & 50 hooks


If you require the drop to be shortened from our standard drop of 220cm, please tick the box and enter your new drop measurement.

Add for $140.00 for Sew-to-Size 1 pair of curtains


These ‘Limoncello’, elegant Pencil Pleat curtains are a sunny, ochre colour and have a tape running through the top of the curtain head and strings which run within the tape. These strings can be pulled up to achieve the desired gather and curtain width to easily provide both fashionable drapery and functionality.

Ready Made Curtains are woven in a quality curtain-weight 100% Polyester which means they are:

  • Durable and strong
  • Won’t fade or deteriorate as quickly as many other fabrics
  • Mould resistant and antibacterial
  • A good insulator
  • Classic linen-look weave
  • High quality
  • Economical

All Ready Made Curtains are Fully Lined with a 100% Polyester with acrylic backing. The lining creates another insulation layer and ensures a darker room. This hard-wearing lining fabric also prolongs the appearance and life of your curtains and protects them from harmful UV rays. Exceptionally high quality fabric and finish, at a very affordable cost.

Care of your Ready Made Curtains:

Remove hooks before cleaning. Either gently vacuum with appropriate attachment or gently cold hand wash separately. Do not soak, bleach, rub, wring or tumble dry. For best results hang curtains by their hooks to dry.

Measuring guide for a Ready Made Curtain

Note: Curtain sizes are always measured by the centimetre (cm)

Standard curtain pair widths (cm)

There are two standard curtain pair widths, 210cm & 280cm. The two standard widths refer to the approximate width of the combined width of the pair, after you have pulled the strings on the headers to achieve the desired gather. To help when ordering, just enter the overall width in cm of the opening that you wish to cover and the system will automatically select the correct curtain pair width for you. Remember, the width you enter will always be exactly the same as the length of the curtain track.

Handy hint:
If you wish to have the stacking of the curtain away from the opening so that your view is not blocked, make sure that you allow extra width so that the track and curtains can stack past the sides of the window frame. This is also a very good practice to help keep your home warm in the winter and to ensure privacy at night.

To calculate how much wider you’ll need to make the curtains to ensure most of the stacking is past the window frames, add between 50cm-60cm for every 200cm of width. For example if the opening from one side to the other side of the window frame is 200cm wide, order the width of your curtain and track at approximately 250cm -260cm.

If in doubt just email us or call on 0800 77 00 44.

Drop (height cm)

Our standard Curtain Drop (height) is 220cm. This is the finished height from the very top to the very bottom of the curtain. Curtain tracks can be installed onto the window frame or more commonly, installed above the window frame onto the wall. This means that unless you particularly wanted to adjust the height of the curtain, the position of the curtain track will always be approximately 220cm from the floor/carpet/tiles etc.

Curtain Tracks

Tracks can be ordered with or without curtains by simply ticking the box on the order. If curtains are ordered at the same time, the tracks and associated parts will be supplied together with curtains. Our track prices include all associated parts such as glides, hooks, brackets, screws and wall plugs.

There are two standard sized extendible white curtain tracks:

  • 120cm extendible to 200cm which includes 3 brackets, 25 glides, 25 hooks, screws and wall plugs.
  • 200cm extendible to 290cm which includes 4 brackets, 36 glides, 36 hooks, screws and wall plugs.

All you need to install the tracks will be a drill, measuring tape and a screw driver.

Tools for measuring

  • Steel measuring tape
  • Pencil and paper

You will need to measure to the nearest centimetre (cm). Please use the instructions below to measure your window and calculate your measurements.

Please choose whether you want your curtain(s) to fit INSIDE or OUTSIDE your window frame(s).

Outside Fit

An outside fit is the most common option for curtain installations. Make sure you allow extra width to ensure the stacking of the curtain doesn’t block your view and provides generous coverage for both privacy and insulation.

Inside Fit

Although not common, curtains can be installed inside the window frame but remember that the stacking of the curtain will reduce your view and you will need to make arrangements to shorten the standard drop (height) of the curtain.

The accuracy of your measurements is essential for a correct and proper fit of your Curtains. We cannot be accountable for inaccurate measurements, so if you have any doubts be sure to double check before placing your order. As a further safeguard, if you order online we will always phone you to confirm your sizes.

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