Ready Made Blinds & Curtains

Ready Made Blinds

Ready Made Blinds are available in standard widths. We can resize blinds to fit almost any window size. We have hi-tech cutting equipment in our purpose designed warehouse. Resizing cost is minimal and is available for cutting the width and if required, reducing the drop.


Ready Made Curtains

Ready Made Curtains are available in standard finished drops of 220cm or resized to your requirements. There are 2 width options, 210cm and 280cm. One pair of standard curtains and an extendible track can provide coverage up to 280cm and coverage for areas wider than 280cm are achieved with additional track and curtains drops.
Sew-to-Size: If your windows suit a shorter drop to our standard 220cm, we can reduce the curtain drop (sew to size) to your measurement. Sew-to-size cost is minimal however delivery time is approximately 12-14 days rather than our normal 8 days.


Why choose Ready Made Blinds & Curtains (RMBC)?

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